Thursday, June 2, 2011

Showdown Thursday AM on Senate Bill 683, Residential Inspections - ANTI-PROP Bill!!

From our friends at the Triangle Apartment Association

Dear North Carolina Apartment Leader:

We are on the calendar in the Senate Commerce Committee on Thursday at 11:00 for the Apartment Association-sponsored bill - Senate Bill 683 - that would curb random/mandatory/universal/systematic inspections of rental housing by municipal officials. We need you to contact the members of the N.C. Senate Commerce Committee - attached - and urge them to support the bill. Note that if this bill does not make it out of Committee, it cannot be considered by the full Senate.

**Owners & Operators in Raleigh & other localities that charge rental registration fees- this legislation will save you hundreds & in some cases thousands of dollars!!**

The Inspection Bill Talking Points are attached, and they should help you frame the issue - in your own words - in communicating with the Senate Committee Members. We favor Senate Bill 683 because it is what we stand for in delivering affordable and efficient housing. Our message is, "Inspections of sound housing are a waste of time and money."

* Please contact Senate Commerce Committee Members & ask them to Support Senate Bill 683.
* Tell the General Assembly Members that the apartment industry offers a much needed service by providing housing to citizens who, either by choice or other circumstances. may not want to or able to purchase a home. Local governments are forcing property owners to register rental units and in some cases submit to annual periodic inspections by government personnel in addition to requiring occupancy permits (PROP) at the discretion of governmental officials.
* Fees associated with these programs are usually far beyond the actual cost and only drive up the cost of affordable rental housing. Most local governments already have regulations on the books that address code issues and if existing laws were enforced, there would be no need for new rental regulations.

Please contact the Senators via phone or e-mail TODAY. If you have limited time please prioritize and contact the Triangle delegation committee members, those members are highlighted in yellow in the attached Senate Commerce Committee list. Leave a message with their Legislative Assistant. Parlay any relationships you may have with the Senators. Emphasize that you live in or have properties in their District. Please pass this alert on to as many apartment professionals as you can TODAY. The cities and housing advocates are mustering a campaign against the Bill, so we need to mount a strong, widespread industry blitz of support. Can we count on you? Thank you.

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