Friday, June 3, 2011

The Anti-Prop Bill Needs Your Help Now More Than Ever!

Today from the Triangle Apartment Association:

Dear Industry Leaders,
As some of you are aware, SB 683 was pulled from the committee meeting yesterday. Sen Hunt is looking to amend language to potentially compromise with the bill’s opposition. To what extend, we are unsure at this time however the article below states that Sen Hunt may change language to include the allowance of “reduced fees”. TAA strongly believes there is no benefit or service that is attached to the fee nor has there been any justification as to where the fees are going- the bottom line TAA believes any fee imposed is an additional tax burden placed on renters!

PLEASE contact Senator Hunt 919.733.5850 or & THANK him for his leadership on the bill & ask him to stay the course.

TAA is working on several things; rebuttal to the article below, letters to the editor, mobilizing members to contact Sen Hunt and TAA has contacted Sen Hunt’s office to get a quick meeting to share the last two years of Raleigh Rental Registration/enforcement data.

We need your HELP!! Please contact Senator Hunt & thank him for his leadership in sponsoring the bill and ask him to stay the course!! Please feel free to share with your groups and anyone that is impacted by this legislation!!

Thanks in advance for your immediate attention to this EXTREMELY important legislative initiative!

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