Thursday, June 23, 2011


At the June 6 City of Durham Council Meeting the Council unanimously adopted a Pine Straw Ordinance.

The ordinance says that no pine straw or any other landscaping material with a fire rate of spread of more than 24 inches per minute shall be placed within 10 feet of buildings with combustible exterior construction. Town homes with common walls are included in this ordinance. One-and two-family dwellings are exempt from the ordinance which is consistent with the North Carolina Residential Building Code.

Starting July 1, 2011, businesses will be asked to come into compliance with the ordinance within 20 days. If a business experiences hardship with removing or distancing pine straw from the buildings, we are asking that they submit a letter to the Fire Prevention Division stating the need for the hardship request and a time frame for compliance with the ordinance.

For the possibility of a financial hardship(s) your property may have in getting the pine straw either moved farther away from the building (at least 10 feet) or having it removed, you should direct your written hardship to Assistant Fire Marshal Eddie Reid. His email address is or he can be reached at 919 -560-4233 ext. 19246.

For more information please visit City of Durham FAQ Pine Straw Ordinance.

Norm Praet, Esq.
North Carolina Landlord Tenant Lawyer

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